[This page last updated: December 2016]

Learning Unlimited Language School

Learning Unlimited was founded in September 1992 with the goal of promoting interest in foreign languages and cultures among the citizens of Downeast Maine.  By the time of Dr. Smith’s retirement (on June 8, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.!), Learning Unlimited had provided instruction in over 33 languages.

Dr. Wayne H. Smith

Learning Unlimited courses were taught by Dr. Wayne H. Smith.  In the article “A Man of Unlimited Learning” (Ellsworth American, April 22, 1993), Smith said: “I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world who is continually trying to foster an interest in other people and other places.  And Ellsworth, Maine seems as good a place as any for me to give it a try.”
Dr. Smith was interviewed by WABI Channel 5 News on Feb. 7, 2000.  The following photo was taken from that show:

WABI News Photo

Academic History:

BA – Florida State University – French, Portuguese, music history
MA – Florida State University – E. Asian Studies
MA – California State University at Northridge – Deaf Education and Linguistics
PhD – Indiana University – Sign Language Linguistics

Language Teaching Experience:

University of Southern Maine – Linguistics
Georgia Southern College – French
Gallaudet University – French, Spanish, ESL
University of Guam – Deaf Education, ASL
Indiana University – ASL
California State University at Northridge – Taiwan Sign Language
University of Maine – ESL
Middlebury College – Chinese
Los Angeles City College – ESL
Peace Corps China One – Chinese
Foreign Service Institute – Chinese, Korean, Cantonese, Vietnamese
USDA Graduate School – Chinese, Portuguese
Ellsworth Adult Education – Chinese, ASL, German, Spanish
Bucksport Adult Education – French
MDI Adult Education – Chinese, ASL
Bryant E. Moore School – Chinese, French, Spanish
Tremont Elementary School – ESL
Winter Harbor Grammar School – ESL
Pemetic Elementary School – ESL
University of Maine at Augusta (via its satellites in Ellsworth and Bangor) – ASL, Spanish

Classroom Presence:

Dr. Smith’s teaching style is both enjoyable and non-threatening.  Comments from former students and supervisors almost always refer to his enthusiasm in teaching.

“He is extremely skilled at making the material accessible and ‘user-friendly.'” — “Excellent at stimulating learning.” — “He makes the arduous and grueling experience of acquiring a second language challenging, interesting, and fun.” – three Middlebury College Chinese language students.

“Dr. Wayne Smith is a teacher who thoroughly enjoys being in the classroom…[He] has that special gift of instilling confidence in his students — a quality that has an immeasurable impact on a student’s ability to succeed…He is a true professional in the sense that he has the self-confidence to try new techniques and reshape old approaches to meet new situations and learners with different learning styles…” – Timothy Maciel, Director of the Intensive English Institute, University of Maine, Orono.

“Wayne exhibits certain qualities which are most enhancing to teaching: he is well-organized and has a plan of action for each meeting of the class; he is personable, warm, and knowledgeable; he instills confidence in his students so that they feel comfortable trying out their new learning.” – Leslie Murauckas, Director, Bucksport Adult Education.

“(M)y Chinese language students are really doing well — all 3 of them. One day I aspire to the linguistic / Chinese language aptitude of Wayne Smith and Stephen Tschudi — two of the best Chinese language instructors in the country — based on my personal experience.” — Gregory Waldrop, October 23, 2011, from Atlanta, GA.